I love you, but I can’t trust you anymore.

I love you, but I can’t trust you anymore.

I love you, but I can’t trust you anymore.

it’s been 8 months since the break. I don’t know why I write you this letter, I just want to get every single feeling of you off from my chest.

it’s been 8 months but I still remember every single thing we have done. our dreams, our future plans. I remember how you told me you want me to be your wife. and I was insanely happy to hear that.

you were always there with me. you hold my hand and talk about the life you want with me. how everything seems so perfect if we do it all together.

as you know You have hurt me more than twice before. you dumped me when it was highschool and after graduated. I still accepted you back bcoz I couldn’t get rid of my feeling. so i was hoping that you wont do it again to me

but I just realized, it was just bulshit. all you words were bulshit

coz you were stil the same person who disrespect my feeling. you often come and go easily from me. you changed your mind in a blink of an eye. you played me like I don’t have a heart to hurt. you fooled me many times.

so I thank god when I finally realized that I can’t keep loving the wrong person. I ended up our relationship. I left you behind, and I will never turn around.

today you asked me back. you told me that you miss me and you just realized that you love me so much and you keep talking about all your bulshit to me again. I have a lil bit evil smile coz it seems like I make the best revenge without trying.

but then I realized, that it feels like I really never get rid my love to you coz it feels so hurt when I remember it back. and I love you, I love you toooo much. but I keep thinking that it’s a lie.at the end of the day you will change your mind again. I don’t trust you. not anymore.

so even if I love you so much, I can’t take you back without my trust on you.


  1. Berry Lee 12 months ago

    Thanks 2 U. Diz Iz Great

  2. Superdistraction... 12 months ago

    Its a crazy lie to tell yourself ….they love you but cant. Its a wildly crazy lie to tell yourself or repeat the the words coming out of your mouth. If it is love, well then love really loves and nothing else matters but just to be love.

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