This is by no means intended to be a heart wrenching sob story, I just want to thank you. Thank you for being my first love and showing me that I have value and worth as a woman and human being. Thank you for allowing me to see myself as a partner to someone, that a man could want to put his time and energy into being with me for more than just a fling.

You made me feel beautiful and desired for the first time in my life and I felt like, crazy awesome intimate intriguing sensations it was so human and passionate and wonderful. With you I found a side of myself I’ve never seen before and it made me feel alive to be there for you and do only positive things for you and your life. It showed me that providing love to someone else is far more rewarding than anything received. I’m sorry that what I had to offer you didn’t turn out to be enough and I couldn’t make you feel how you make me feel.

Despite the outcome working against us being together at this point, I wanna thank you for the time you spent being kind and patient with me, even throughout my emotional nonsense and lack of relationship know-how. You knocked my walls down that I was never willing to break and accompanied me as I developed a better understanding of who I am. You’ve always guided me in the right direction and have made me achieve happiness levels I didn’t even know existed. Thank you for giving me hope for humanity, and showing me person to person that people aren’t so shitty after all.

I can’t find the right words to fully explain how I feel about you, just don’t forget that even though you don’t want me right now, I’m yours. As you have already heard I would do and try anything humanly possible to have you back, but nonetheless, even as a friend, if you ever need to feel loved, if you need someone to distract you from the negatives in the world, if you need someone to tell you you don’t suck at the guitar lol I will be whatever you need. I promise this is the last time I’m drowning you in drama because I know you hate this stuff, you just have to bare with me for awhile. That’s what comes with breaking up with your stoopid stoopid stoopid stoopid emotional girlfriend lol. I owe you a sincere thank you and now I feel a little better. I just want you to be happy, that’s all.


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