Here’s what’s going on in my head

Here’s what’s going on in my head

Here’s what’s going on in my head

Okay, this is a little hard for me to write and I apologize if this is way out of line. Within the last 4 days I have been well “not myself” due to you breaking things off with me. I have reflected gone over and over in my head on what could have possibly gone wrong. You were right things did move pretty fast between us however you can take that as a good sign or a scary one.  Good sign being you found someone you are interested in and comfortable with.

Yes, it was a little nerve wracking but think about the good times that we did have! Like all the haunted house adventures we went on, going up to Duluth for the weekend (even though it was little fucked up) our first date ever and everything in between! We had a  lot of fun and yes it happened quickly but sometimes that is how life works. I understand that your life is really busy as is mine but in all honesty I do not want you out of my life at all. Michael the things I have told you and the feelings I have expressed were 100% and from the bottom of my heart.

Over the course of these last 5 days I have talked and talked about this whole situation with my friends. Some say just leave it alone because clearly you deserve better. Others say why are you so hung up on a guy that you did not date for to long and dumped you over a text message. At first I could not answer this question at all but now I finally think that I can. “I do love you” not just as boyfriend material but also as a friend.Seriously the last 3 months or so of continuing to get to know one another has been awesome. You are such an amazing guy with a huge heart and I love that.

I am not writing you this message begging for you to come back to me, I just needed to get this off my chest because I can honestly say these last 5 days have been complete hell. I am not going to lie of course I miss you but if time is what you need to figure your life out and your next move so be it. Even though I would love to be on this crazy journey with you. Once again I do apologize if this is weird or whatever but I just needed to get this out. Maybe now I will feel a little better? Who knows though. If your respond to this cool, if not well that is on you and I cannot change that. I just needed you know how I feel and what is going on in my head.


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