I wish

I wish you would confront me on my birthday. It would be the best birthday present. I still have the present you gave me on my 15th birthday. I’m planning. On throwing it away. We have nothing left to talk about our past. I still miss you once in awhile, but just as a friend. I don’t feel the same for you, but I do miss the moments we spent together. Knowing this letter doesn’t mean anything because I’m writing this as a friend not as your ex-gf. I have no emotions left for you other than just a friend. I’m glad everything’s over. You’re happy in your life and I’m with mine. That’s what we wanted and I’m glad how things turned out to be. I wish you all the happiness. (:

Good luck!

Take care,



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  1. N 3 years ago

    I feel exactly the same way about my ex. I miss them from time to time but purely as a friend

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