To my “Worst Nightmare”

To my “Worst Nightmare”

To my “Worst Nightmare”

LTME postGood times or bad times, what has all passed is over now.
Ever since you left me, I realized that we were not really meant to be. I should have known better. For years I’ve been wallowing and crying over you, yet time has been such a patient and great friend to me, that I have to thank you for setting me free.
On the other hand, you kept coming back and asking me for “another chance”; I finally stood up to you and said that “WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER”.
As for what you’ve said about the ‘new’ person whom I admire and love, I can sense the sour tone in your comments. Funny, but it seems that you’re still the same old person which I used to know.
There will come a day that I’ll reach my goal. The goal that you have been making fun of.
With that in mind, Here’s a line from my favorite song “You’ve Made Me Stronger”:
“Don’t feel so sorry for me, (Rafael Tyrone Lim Cha)… Don’t you know?
I’m not the one at the losing end. ”
Once again, for all the things you’ve said and done, I thank you.

Goodbye forever!

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  1. Ps 6 months ago

    I never deserved you. As much as a I believe you be it. I was doomed the min i betrayed you and wasnt fully honest. Im glad you can walk away stronger. I think i just set my self back and need to come to terms with just how pathetic and idk im a coward and I have no right to say anything more.

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