I don’t hate nor regret you

I don’t hate nor regret you

I don’t hate nor regret you

LTME postI believe you didn’t mean to “HURT” me. At one point in our “CRAZY” relationship you honestly did love me.
However I failed to see the signs that you were giving to say it was over. Esp wen you “ALWAYS” played “you lie” by Reba. You didn’t know how to say “goodbye” and not hurt me. I told you that since my mom passed I had no reason to live until you came into my life.
You fell off the map when I “NEEDED” you on her birthday which was 5 days after she passed. It was the 3 ur anniversary. You got mad deleted my Facebook account with “AAALLLLL” her pix on itx , trying to make me “end it” with you. And you cheated during that time also. But I was/am in love so I overlooked all that shit. Few weeks later u told me “I’m questioning my love for you!” I was dumb I still didn’t let go I fought harder for you/us.
The infidelity kept happening & I knew this in my gut feeling. But I was stuck on we can make it work, we can.make it work! Nov u wrecked car & emergency surgery 3 days later. So I did notice during that 7 was u did try to fall back in luv wit me.
Christmas Day I SHOULD OF ACCEPTED IT WAS OVER THEN, when you left was gone AL night came home with hickey said “we weren’t together so deal with it!” But was so damn PERSISTENT on remaining FRIENDS. Regardless of how much I knew I knew it would hurt to be friends with u I did bc I didn’t want to lose u. And when u saw me, u seen the pain.my heart was in. And we got bck together. NIGHT before Valentine’s Day u started fight after msgnr sum1′ then went ur friends to feed dog. You didn’t come home cuz you wad with some female I heard her wen I called u. And wen u came home Valentine’s Day morning like as if u fell sleep, I was enraged and lost it.
Today I sit here with great regret and sorrow. I should of seen the signs that you were giving. I want to apologize for ignoring your signs u kept giving me and eventually u did the ultimate horrible thing more than once to make agree it was over. Yet I believe we can still work it out we got stuff deal with 1St (personalx before each other) Our relationship like so many others had its ups and downs. And people come and go from our lives neither is quite expected. The ones ment to stay somehow return back to us. I believe that you won’t return back to me. It’s extremely painful to write/type in past tense. I thought you’d be my “FOREVER”
This is going to be “long ND difficult” journey/recovery. Waking up every day learning to live without will somehow get a Lil easier each day, cuz each day will be an added day I’ve managed to get thru without out. And each day I get thru I get a Lil stronger cuz I did it without you. I can never erase you from my heart, but your memory will remain forever.
My wish for you is that this life “BECOMES” all that you want it to. May your dreams stay “BIG” and your worries “small” You won’t have carry more than you can hold, and during your journey called life getting to where your going. I hope you know someone does “LOVE” you and always will .
I cant say “GOODBYE” my love, but I will say “THANK YOU” for the joy u gave me and living me at one time and receiving me love in return during that time. THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD TIMES WE SHARED EVEN THE BAD. THANK YOU FOR ALL OUR MEMORIES. I WILL CHERISH THEM FOREVER!!!!

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