Oink, oink.

Oink, oink.

Oink, oink.

LTME-postDear Joey Collins, Although you are clearly a swine, I am heartbroken because I still can’t wrap my head around your level of self-centeredness, greed, entitlement and cheap usury. You gave me an STD and insisted it wasn’t from YOU. You visited my house and virtually went shopping there, asking for lamps etc., that you fancied – indignant when I objected. You had minimal interest in me except when you wanted something from me. Likewise you were mad as hell when I did’t buy, buy, buy for you, whilst you never once even bought me dinner. You were good at ONE THING. But every animal on the planet knows how to do THAT, so don;t let it go to your head. Finally, you were LIVID that I blew your cover. You know, the fact that at age 63, you MIGHT have a 19 month old child with a 30 year old hooker you bought. Well, consider this Joey Dumb-Ass Collins, if you wish to have a clean reputation, stop living a filthy life. At 63 you have 3 – possibly 4 kids and have never been married or established a presence with ANY of your offspring. You mate like you are a stray dog. You try to act 30 years younger than you are.

So now you dumped me. Guess I must have run out of goods and services you desire. If I thought it possible, I would have grasped the reality of Joey’s Jazzy Clips and its sleazy trashy owner / operator, Joey Collins – the barbaric Barber. But, truthfully, you are one of a kind in my life experience. If there had been others like you, I would be dead by now. Good Bye and Good Riddance. No need to look up from the trough. I’ll see ,myself out the door.

Very Truly Not Yours,


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