Where do I start

Where do I start

Where do I start

LTME-postDear Dean.

So how do I start? When I first met you, I thought wow you were perfect, tall, charming. Oh, you also played the guitar, that was a bonus. Sooner, but not too soon, I heard rumours about you. ‘He’s a f**k boy’, ‘he dated her, and her.’ But, when I asked you about it, you denied it, like a fool I was I believed you. Then we dated…Then we broke up… You said that was because your mother was dying. ( WHO THE F**K LIES ABOUT THEIR MOTHER DYING. ) This happened for about severn times. I was a idiot to take you back.

When I was introduced to your family. What did you tell them? Did you tell them that I was your friend? Hmh anyway we are here today. My darling Dean, a month ago I was diagnosed with depression and you offered me support. Like a fool I accepted. At this time you were going through a break up. But, a few days later your ex told you she was pregnant, you where happy enough to tell her to get a abortion or that you did not want anything to do with the baby. However, at the same time you asked me if I was ready to have your baby. Yet, I stayed with you even though there was a chance some woman may be carrying your baby. Then a few days later when she told everyone that she had a miscarriage, what was your words… ‘good?’ Lol what kind of man would do that.

But I stayed with you, stupid am I not. Then you asked me to introduce you to my family, which I did. My family adored you, I though that I was so lucky to have someone like you in my life. But who was she, the girl who goes ‘hi baby.’ What was your response, she is just my best friend. Okay mate.

On the 24/01/2017, you broke up with me, what was your reasons? I shall tell you what you wrote to me. By the way hunny it is not cute to break up with someone over facebook. Any way, you wrote:
‘we hardly see each other so convo is weak, we cant do much at yours due to financial situations and looking after lily (lily is 8), we cant go mine incase of Lil, you not wanting to come in and you not be able to stop the night. You cant go out drinking as you are not 18’ Sh#t reasons to leave someone. After I start crying to you one the phone, what was your response why do you have to make me look like the bad one. Excuse me for crying mate, excuse me for loving a low life like you.

So today, two days after the break up, I found out you are dating your best friend. What kind of nick name is see raww, makes her sound like a man.

So baby, after you saying you are happier then me, how are you?
I have all my GCSE’S , you have one.
I never dropped out of college, seems like your girl has.
I don’t have a reputation, darling you do.
You never went to uni and is not planning to, i’ve already got plans.
My relationships last long, your longest was three months.

So, Dean I hope you realize this is the reason why your mother cannot look you in the eye and say I love you son, Because her son is a Tramp with a capital T, hoe with a chapital H. And a slezey slum bucket idiot, that will not get far in life. So, how low can you go hoe.

P.S. When you said to me, you can give me everything, other men cant. The only thing that you could give me is an STD. Says something, and is that the reason why you get tested each week.

Lots of love spook, aka Bree.

Have fun with your college drop out sweetie.


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