I hope you are in hell

I hope you are in hell

I hope you are in hell

LTME-postDear Reena,

How are you? I hope you are in hell. I hope devil regularly shoves his trident up your behind.

I only say so because I know you like being screwed over. After all you did spend 6 years chasing a guy who didn’t want to marry you while you dumped my sorry a$$ for wanting to marry you.

Anyways I am grateful that you came into my life… only to see you go at the lowest point in my life.

Yup, it was a realization for me when you dump me while I was fighting against a life threatening disease.

You also taught me to keep no expectations from women, especially when I wanted you to meet my grandmother who was dying at that time but you still refused. Of course I should have understood that when you refused to see my mother when she fell sick in the hospital.

But no worries, even if I was going through hell in my career, your comfort was important to me.

And I do thank you for condescending my friends who were a little late showing up at the hospital but you proceeded to tell me that I had no real family and friends. I guess it doesn’t matter to you that they were the ones who dragged me out of depression from our breakup.

Of course they are nothing in comparison to your perfect family. My only regret is not meeting your father who has abandoned his family to live in another state. And I do miss not being able to meet your sister’s husband whom she ran away from. But I enjoyed meeting your mother and sisters who thought I was perfect for you but against whom you bitterly fought to avoid our marriage.

Indeed you deserve a better guy. I stupidly thought that we were equals despite the fact that you make half of what I do and I bought my own house with my own money. You too have bought your own house in your own name, of course with the help of father’s entire life savings. Doesn’t matter its in a place that is synonymous with Gutter.

Anyways I have moved on. You see I had to since my not-so-good family and friends wouldn’t let me sit on my depressed a$$ all day and forced me find a job that I love. So no more career problems.

And Grandma and mommy thank God for their recovered health. They alway keep telling me that the bad luck has passed. I still don’t get it who are they referring to.

But I do think of you when my new girlfriend asks me why I was still single till now. I wanted to invite you for our wedding but my fiance, mom and Grandma (all of whom get along very well) unanimously disagreed to it.

So I wish you the best of bad luck. But I guess you don’t need it.


The Ex.

P. S. I sneaked one of my wedding invitation for you but my sister found it and tore it to shreds. I think she hates you too. Bye


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