LTME-postI try not to let my thoughts wander too far when the sun has set because my colorful mind usually ends up reminiscing on our foolish love story- one similar to Romeo and Juliet (as cliche as it sounds). My parents wouldn’t let me be with him because of the art upon his arm, but me being me I hid my love for him for as long as I could until I found myself bawling my eyes out on my knees, begging my parents to let me see him. Eventully they gave in. Dan gave me everything I could have ever wanted and I got drunk and cheated on him. Yup. I cheated on him and he didn’t know until a friend of mine told him. He wanted to stay together but I couldn’t live with the constant guilt and the incomplete, broken look he had in his resilient brown eyes when we mourned together. I have a new boyfriend now, one who doesn’t treat me the way I deserve. But I love this man and I can’t bring myself around to find the strength to leave him. Why didn’t I appreciate you while I still had you? This is a constant thought that haunts the back of my mind. This man would have done anything for me, and I was too blind to realize how lucky I was until I was the foolish one taking a love for granted. You weren’t perfect, Dan. I wasn’t perfect either. Your stubborn attitude drove me crazy. You tell me you still love me and you beg for me back. I broke your fucking heart into a million pieces, why the fuck do you want me back? I’m not that great.


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