The plague

The plague

The plague

LTME-postDear you,
I wish I could turn my brain off, or at least the part that remembers you. Some times I let myself go days without thinking about you, because… its just easier that way. But then I see something that reminds me of you, a photo, a gift, one of those stupid love notes you’d always write me. And the forgotten memories I’ve archived, come crashing down on me. You’re toxic. Like a plague, thats only mission is to slowly kill me. kill me with the “what ifs” and “if only’s.” But… this isn’t regret. What happened between us happened for a reason, with a purpose only time will tell. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I miss loving someone with all my heart and having them love me back. But.. I hope you’re doing good, I really do. I hope you’ve found a love that is all the things I never was. But on the off chance that you haven’t, Maybe just maybe do you miss me too?
xoxo forgottengirl

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  1. j 1 year ago

    i do , my heart has been shattered from what not only you but what your family has done me . stripped me from everything i truly love . you know how to find me come home is all with B . maybe what you think it seems but not what they say is true and all true you know how to get here i believed in us thus maybe to much you left me twice once of that i had it coming buy trying to be the family man for what those crooked eyes of that of your family thats not family bringB forever and a day come to the real famly and home Hes two needs to be with his daddy

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