You will always be my one

You will always be my one

You will always be my one

LTME-postWe started off on fire… Met at the park off of a website and you pulled up in your red Versa and that was the start to our love story… Engaged, and married in your dad’s church and was perfect.We were perfect for each other but just couldn’t make it work with the kids…I’m very sorry for that… It’s been over 2 years now and you’ve moved on AND re-married… Also expecting. Can’t say that I’m happy for you but I do wish u the very very best and hope he treats you the way you should and deserve to be treated… You are my one. There will never be another you… That I promise you… I will forever love you…


  1. Charline Cayron 1 year ago

    This hits hard

  2. Kasey 1 year ago

    I feel so glad you posted this.I’m sitting here crying over the one who slipped away. I feel for you. Thank you for this.

  3. R 1 year ago

    I just find this letter tragic in every way 🙁

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