We almost made it

We almost made it

We almost made it


we ALMOST had a life story. Began in 2012 Just Arrived in UK, No work permit, struggling with the accent, cold winter, no friends, no people I knew, not enough money to feel comfortable in my life, pretty much All ALONE. And I met you, u fell in love, u had your family, job, house, home cooked meals done by mother… You made me fall in love but yet NEVER helped me with money or try to make my life easier yet you EXPECTED meals done, sex, me dressing up for you, wearing makeup for you, felt used and worthless, Hence I kept my options open because back then I just needed to feel safe. Because of that once you found out you lost your trust and became crazy saying that the baby wasn’t your once I got pregnant with you. And then YOU started a game of hide and seek and meeting women to please you sexually to go on dates to do EVERYTHING a single person does, I was doing the same always trying to find that someone, But i ended up loving you, and always feeling sorry for the aborted child, and always coming back because of course you couldn’t find anyone better than I was, AND 5 years went by!

I am secure now a house (rented) a job, friends and family. you FINALLY bought your house … and u invited me to move in. You still want me and u ALMOST want to make it work but surprise ! I poured all my heart saying that I love you and I want us to move in and have a family FINALLY! and YOU tell me I need to prove you that I want you and I should demonstrate now that I want you in my life as you don’t trust that I am serious??????? REALLY????

you will lose me this way!!! big time waster.

and you are not even honest enough to tell me what you want exactly for me! I HATE you!!!


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