Am I crazy?

Am I crazy?

Am I crazy?

LTME-postDear, Love

I loved you like no other I mean the type of love where you’re heart stops when you hear their name you’re really the girl I never got over sometimes once in the blue something or someone reminds me of you we’re so young and dumb we thought it’ll last forever but the fact is nothing last forever I mean you was supposed to be my dream girl I gave you my whole heart told you my secrets things I’ve never told a soul a lot have changed from when we used to date I’ve gotten taller ig more confident and braver I mean am I crazy ? After all this time a lil part of my heart still yarns for your love your you are the one that got away the one I still think about you sometimes when I’m going through my old phone I sometimes come across our old photos and take a look back in time when things was so much more simpler what am I doing right now writing a letter you’ll never see maybe I am crazy


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