I hate to say this, but I really hate you.

I hate to say this, but I really hate you.

I hate to say this, but I really hate you.

LTME postDear Caleb Greufe,

We never really had a relationship.

However, you were just a giant joke of a crush. I really hate your guts. You’re probably the biggest hypocrite in the state of Nebraska. Not only that, but you’re rude, insensitive, and just a poor excuse for the male species. It was so hard to talk to you, because you don’t understand how things work. You would always try and correct me about things because you thought what? You thought I was stupid? Okay maybe I did play stupid to let you correct me acouple of times. Little do you know, I’m alot more intelligent than you think. But honestly, I have not a thing to prove to you. Just a little insider, i’ve been around cars my entire life. I knew how to change oil by the time I was 7. I spent weekends in the shop with dad helping him, handing him wrenches and getting towels. I remember the exact day he let me underneath a vehicle to watch him work on it. You think i’m a god damn idiot. You think I don’t know that my GTO goes 200 mph? It has a stock V8!! I laughed so hard when I re-told that story,because of how stupid you actually thought I was. By the way, my dad has had it on the dyno. I know how much hp it has,and no need to one up me. I could honestly care less,I mean after all a car is a car. It’s really cool that you’re building you’re own motor or whatever. Good for you,but don’t sit here hypocritically. I know we have a builder build ours,but that’s why the man went to school. Just for that,so why not pay extra to have it put together with minor. Because when you’re trying to make a bunch of hp,small shit matters. Running ethanol small things matter. Anyways,thanks for always making me feel like a complete idiot. I really hope somebody out there someday puts you in your deserving place. Because that’s what you need, a good kick in the ass. It’s amazing that you’re so busy, but don’t brag or complain. You signed yourself up. Nobody makes you do anything, you have the power and will. You’re just scared you’ll disappoint your mom. Because i’m the same way. My parents me the world to me. I’m in school because of them, but not just that. I’m in school because that’s the successful path. That’s how you earned respect from your fellow peers. I know how things work, because we’re quite similar. We value alot of the same things. You’re a very respectable guy. However, I have zero respect because of how shitty you treated me. I would suggest some pointers on how to treat people, but you already know those. Because, you’re an “important” guy. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Aren’t we all important? I mean as Christians we all kind of are sinners. But, you know that… You know EVERYTHING. None the less, you’re really nosy. You could give a shitless about me until I hang out with somebody else. That’s when you care. It’s like you always have to know them for them to be in your circle. Can I let you on an insider? The respect you show others (or lack there of) is an immediate reflection on yourself respect. Because that’s something you clearly don’t get. Another thing I don’t understand exactly is why you have to one up me. Why do you always have to be better? I know it’s a male thing but it’s avoidable because I have to admit you’re the first I’ve met to act like that up front. I guess, you don’t understand how that works either. I almost forgot,the main reason of writing this pointless letter… You don’t understand how relationships work. The fact that you lead me on 100% kind of justifies it. Or the fact that I can text you at 11 am and not get a response tell later that night. However, you can post pictures all over snapchat. You don’t take into consideration of the fact that I can see whatever is posted. You lead me on with the cute things but you kept me wondering of all the possibilities. Do you know what makes a relationship work? Or even the general friendship? Communication. It takes communication. You get how it works you just use it to your disadvantage. Oh the excuses you use! The one where you hate your iPhone is my favorite. Although, you might. I don’t know, because I’m not you and don’t read feelings. You sure know how snapchat works though! That works perfectly fine, but when it comes to me texting you… Your phone is useless. I hope you can find somebody who can tolerate that. Oh and remember all those times that I apologized? I apologized for your mistakes! How silly of me. It’s been you the entire time. It was never me. It was me trying to find excuses for your bullshit. I wish I could follow you around and pull the bullshit flag every time you talk. I hope you get over this stigma and grow to be a man. Until then, I’m perfectly fine with being non-existent. I’ll find somebody who gives me more than what you offer. I mean, we all are different.

One last thing, I want to say sorry. Sorry for giving you that much time. Sorry for even trying. Sorry for everything. Sorry for no longer giving a shit about your crappy behavior. Oh and have fun with all your college stuff. Because we all know what UNL kids come out to be. Nothing but people looking for the world to bow down to them and kiss their asses. I have fun being that jerk you are. Once again, I hope you get put in your place because that’s all you deserve. If this is somehow found floating around on the internet, Sorry not sorry. Just like how you treated me.

Love, The girl you never stood a chance with


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