About Letter To My Ex

Breaking up is hard to do.

So often after a split, we’re left feeling we never articulated all the things we wanted to say at the time. Regrets can still linger years later. Maybe you feel you have an apology to make. Or want to give thanks for a break-up that propelled you onto a happier path – because not all break-ups are bad, after all! Or perhaps you’re mad, and just have a burning need to get the words out, clear your head and move on. Whatever you want to say, here’s your opportunity.

Letter To My Ex is a safe place to vent.

Say your piece without interruptions. Without distractions. Without someone yelling at you or confusing you with their issues. Without opening a door you’d prefer stayed shut (or which you know might be slammed in your face). It’s just a clean slate on which to put down your feelings and send them out into the ether. A type of online closure, if you will.

Sent or unsent. . . its completely up to you.

Letter To My Ex offers a unique kind of writing therapy to help you let go and move on. For some, it’s about that letter that you’re dying to write but would never send in a million years. For others, the letter is all the things they couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to say in person.

Play nice.

We’re building a community here. We’re hoping LTME readers will comment, commiserate and celebrate with letter-writers. Keep in mind that people who write letters may be in pain, and may be feeling a teeny bit raw – and they’ll probably welcome a message from someone who can relate to their situation.