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We moderate all letters published and we don’t edit your language (unless you’re tempted to write your letter entirely in SMS shorthand. Please don’t). Our house rule is first names only. If you decide to write a letter to your ex using our form below, please don’t identify your ex or anyone else you mention in your letter by their full name, Twitter handle or any other means.

Also, before posting a letter please be aware of the following conditions:

1. Letters can only be removed in exceptional circumstances. If you feel there’s a good chance you may wish to take yours down later, think twice before posting!

2. Published letters become the property of LTME / Rachel Smith. Letters may appear in a book of letters at some point in the future. For more info, read our disclaimer.

3. Spamming the site with lots of similar letters is not cool. I know many people on this site are in the depths of heartbreak and want to write letters endlessly to the person they’re missing. However, I get a LOT of letters and it takes time to format each one and post it up. This means many people are waiting in the queue for their letter to be published. So if you get spammy, I get deletey.

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