I miss you

I miss you

I miss you

Dear Brianna

Words can’t explain how terrified I’ve been to write you this, but i feel like it can’t hurt, Can it? Well, we’ll see. I just want you to know how i completely feel. The last thing i want is to come across your mind as needy and desperate. ( But thats not the Case ) Is Just My heart speaking

I guess I’ve decided to write this because lately, I miss you so much it hurts. I miss looking forward to talking to you and seeing you everyday. I miss when we would just talk on the phone for hours. When you’d not say a word and tell me you love listening to the sound of my voice. I miss when I would go to look at you, but you were already looking at me first. Some days I miss you so much i go through all the messages you wrote me, and it makes me smile, but then I wake up in the morning  realise you’re not here anymore, and I get sad again. To hear i was your world, always made me feel special. You were not ashamed of me and you would remind me you loved me everyday.

I’ve tried to convince myself i don’t want you anymore. But I just can’t let go. I don’t want to see you move on, but I’m not doing much about it either.

I could tell you how much Ive missed you for days and weeks , but I feel like it won’t make a difference.

You are my angel in human flesh. You are too much for me, yet I can’t get enough!! I simply cannot put into words how I feel about you when I see you, hear you! My heart breaks just to be around you. I take in the way you move, the way you talk,  whenever you are around although it may only be for  brief moment, it’s enough to make my day.

These intense feelings will never go away.

Every day and night I thank god that you came into my life and I try to tell you how I feel, because what I feel for you exists inside my heart.

I often think of that wonderful evening when we first met-the first time I saw you – the first time we spoke to each other – the first time we touched – the first time we danced. are first kiss that you gave me on your couch after i asked you to be my girlfriend by telling you that fairytale story on your couch. It seems just like yesterday to me because I have always kept such precious memories constantly alive in the pages of my mind.

If you decide to open up your heart to me again, you will benefit from my improved personal standards which can only serve to elevate this relationship from the emotional state in which it seems to have found itself in.  Every second we’ve been apart, every word, action and thought that has ever been spoken or passed, has travelled thru the depths of my mind And it makes me a better person everyday.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that, look its not a need or neccesity to have you back, but its a choice instead to want to be with you again.

And my mind and heart choose to be with you – so look there’s a difference between  needing you back and  choosing to want to be with you. The purpose of this letter is to let you acknowledge that I’m not asking for you to take me back right now, I don’t want to be selfish and pressure you to  be back with me all over again. NO i dont want that! All im trying to say and gain from this letter is for a little sign of hope that one day this storm will calm down and it will be sunny again between you and me again.   Cuz the way i feel about you is a really rare type of love.


  1. His princess 8 years ago

    Wow if only he wrote me from where he is words like that I would drop my pride and tell him how much I love him too and fall into his arms…if he would have me.

    • Isabela 7 years ago

      I wish I could say that to my ex in a letter and hope that we will be something again.

      • mee 7 years ago

        I wish I could get back my ex because I miss him a lot and now his with someone who’s miss using hom

    • carlee-ann 5 years ago

      i miss my ex more than anything.. i can’t stand seeing him with someone new..😭 every chance i even get to see him anymore is like a wish come true.. even if it makes me cry later that night..

      • jayden 3 years ago

        I wish l could say more than that to my ex

    • nina 4 years ago

      yeah sameeeeeeee tho i would but it gonna sound like you deperate so ima just let him go evevn tho it hurts

  2. I wish I could turn back the hands of time but my depressing ass just gotta move on

  3. Unknown 7 years ago

    This makes my heartbreak bcecause I really want to tell my ex I love him and make a letter like this but I feel like he doesn’t have any feelings for me anymore and he will just say uh ok thennnn. I haven’t gotten over him ever since…we….broke up..which was months ago…

  4. Angie 6 years ago

    I treated you like a king, I did anything to told me to as long as I could. I made sure that you knew I loved every inch of you with all of my heart. It hurt me so much when I discovered that to some extent I wouldn’t count on you. few weeks later after I left town things started getting sour between. I asked myself so many questions that till now I don’t have answers to. I felt that I was losing you the last time I left. i don’t know whether I should have done things differently but I still love you baby. deep deep in my heart I still feel that you miss me.. I still feel like we will seem up together but right now we don’t talk. I’m tired of feeling like this. I want this to be over, this feeling. I don’t want to feel this anymore. I know I can do without you but I don’t want to. I know I deserve better, I know I deserve to be happy but I want to be happy with you. remember the plans we had. it was the shortest relationship I ever had but it was the sweetest relationship coz I was deeply in love with you. I loved you from the time we kissed. all I want you to know baby is that I still love you

  5. becky 6 years ago

    man , why did my ex come to this page & send me everything word for word just changing the name 😂 i really hate men . if you miss me tell me from the heart not something you found offline

  6. Owayo Jared 6 years ago

    Thanks for helping me frame and put into words my feelings l’ve been having for my VERY FIRST TRUEST LOVE,now sorry to mention her,my ex.

  7. Hedaya 6 years ago

    this makes my heartbreak

    I miss you BadMan

    • AWALI BULIDHA 4 years ago


  8. Leo 6 years ago

    💔 ;(

    • Crystal 7 months ago

      If you love someone, tell them. Now!

  9. Ngang baby 6 years ago

    do happy endings really exist? i really wish i could go back in time and do things differently, im dangerously in love with you aundre and i want you back… i need you back. i love you x
    from, your Ngang baby x

  10. Zahra Chapo 6 years ago

    Surely, I still love you my ex, I loved you I love you and I will always love you kabamba kitenge

  11. Silvia 5 years ago

    I sent that to my ex and we are back together❤️ I am happier than ever he made me happy and found out he loves me still

  12. JOY 5 years ago


  13. JOY 5 years ago


  14. parames 5 years ago

    i miss my ex

  15. Lizbeth Estrada 5 years ago

    I miss my ex boyfriend and I always have the urge to call or text him but he moved to another state and I dont want to bother him and he could be having a great time and I would not want to disturb but I do hope he is happy and in good health

  16. christine 4 years ago


  17. Nikki 4 years ago

    i miss you cole messger and i will always love you

  18. Alannah 4 years ago

    I said somthing like this ;

    Dear jake You honestly don’t know how terrified I am to wright this. But like I feel like it can’t hurt, well can it? Ig I’ll see when u answer or don’t . I just want u to completely know how I feel. Even tho ur probs sick of me. The last thing I want u to think of me as needy or desperate. It’s just my heart speaking u know? I’m making this because lately I miss u so much it hurts. I miss texting you. I miss looking forward to ft you to texting u. I miss when we ft and actually talk. I miss saying “good morning cutie” or “goodnight” I miss thinking good of us 24/7. Somtimes I miss u so much I just sit down in my bed and cry for hours. Then I wake up. In the morning knowing I fucked up. And I get sad again. I wasn’t ashamed of u. And I wasn’t ashamed to show u me. And it’s the fact that I’ve been trying to convince myself that I don’t need u but I can’t. I can’t let go of my bestfriend. I don’t want to see u move on but I’m not doing much about it. but I want u happy. I feel like I could tell u how much I missed u and it wouldn’t matter. Like no difference. Your too much for me but yet I can’t get enough of u. It’s hard to put into words how much I honestly miss u. And the sad part is. I dont know if these intense feelings will just “go away”. And every night I think to myself , I wonder what will happen tm. Bc I enjoyed our kiss I enjoyed our talks I enjoyed you. And I always think of all our memories together when I think of u. And I have to many feelings.

  19. jennyxxx 4 years ago

    i rlly miss my ex and hes dating 1 of my friends now and i regret breaking up w him because now ive realised how much i truly love him and all the memories come back to my mind every single day and to kniw that everytime i try and talk to him we have an argument is so heartbreaking for me. he tried to stop me from breaking up w him and told me how much he loved me but i still broke his heart and made he cry for hours . Just knowing that he rlly wanted to be w me made me realise myself that i shouldve stayed w him longer and tell him that i rlly loved him. But now i feel like he will never want to get back together w me and we cant even be friends without arguing 😪💔

  20. Frannie 4 years ago

    I wish I had my ex back boyfriend but he keeps talking about his ex towards me on video chat

  21. Shishir 4 years ago

    I have never experienced anything like love, i dont even know what love is by truely i want to feel this kind of emotions once in my life time, im from India where we firstly focus on career then on marriage and then by paying bills, but i dont want all this i just want to live a simply hippy life !!!

    • Victoria Dean 3 years ago

      same i have been lied to in all my relationships, and ive never actually been in a real one. i never know who to trust, and I wish someone would kiss me and actually mean it

  22. Mjay 3 years ago

    I have always choose you I can’t take being a part from you my life is a mess with out you I need that hug and kiss on forehead or just tel me I love u I am on fire in side that is burning up with you hands running down my body I crave for you god I miss you so much it hurts I love u please give me a sign my love

  23. Victoria Dean 3 years ago

    Bf just broke up with me yesterday, Still wish that I was with him. I will never believe out of all the times that he made me smile, he also brought me a lot of tears

  24. LMILLER 3 years ago

    I just lost my boyfriend and I thank you so much for letting this be published… It helped me frame my words so I could put into thoughts what I feel. My people made me break up with him and he was the first love of my life. I would do anything to get him back… He was always good to me and treated me like no other… I love him so much 🙁

  25. Deby 3 years ago

    Please people, amin diploma but I discovered that my bf was doing certificate of which he kept me from knowing it, I ignored that but again I had that his family back ground is for wich Craft now I want to break up with him but we love each other so much, I don’t know how to comfort him as I leave his life, I really feel bad for him, he z so disappointed

  26. Amy 3 years ago

    Mine went a little like:
    Dear Andrie
    I’m so glad we gave it a try. You mean the world to me. I miss you all the time, it’s often a challenge to NOT think about you. No one has ever made me as happy as you did. should have fought harder for us and never given up. I feel lucky to have had you in my life. You still mean everything to my heart and soul. Sometimes, I wake up and think we are still together. You are so much more special than I ever realized. Do you remember our good times while hours on a zoom call ? I think about them all the time. No one will ever measure up to you. You are one of a kind. You will always carry a special place in my heart. I care deeply about you and always will. If we were together now, we could have an epic love story. Things have really changed in my life, and our relationship could work. I want to apologize for breaking up with you. I keep seeing things that remind me of you. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Our love story was almost a fairy tale. Although I am heartbroken, I wouldn’t change a thing – except for the ending. I just want you to know that I fell in love with you. I still feel like we were meant to be together. If I could change one thing, I would not let you go. I honestly believe things could be different between us now. I am still in love with you and always will be. Sometimes, I cry in the shower, thinking of how we ended everything. I wish we would never have broken up. Do you ever think about that? No matter what’s going on, I will always be here for you. No matter how hard I try, I’ll never meet someone who will make me as happy as you did. Do you think it would be possible for us to give it another try? Sometimes, I think about the first time I met you, and I’m so happy I did.

  27. Muhammad Prexy 3 years ago

    I miss you prevail please come back to my life I try to forget u in my life but it’s difficult for me.

  28. Cathy 3 years ago

    I’m in the same situation but he has moved on 🙁

  29. victoria dean 3 years ago

    god, i wish i could just go back to when i was in elementary school, and never knew what love was…

  30. Em 2 years ago

    I sent this to my ex- .-…

  31. John 2 years ago

    I wrote one to my wife who abandonned me, it was 5 pages long, she said it was too long and blow me up. This was the end of the letter (English is not my primary language).

    This is a love letter written with tears, compassion, affection and love. “Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable”, this is such a cold and true statement of our human nature from the Wizard of Oz. But Love is necessary for humans to live, we are imperfect creatures, and our hearts do break and that is what makes us beautiful and vulnerable. I need you, I really hope you still need me, we belong together, we are meant to be together, if you still want that. This is a love letter. I am strong, you are strong too, together we can build a strong family based on our first experience if we give it another opportunity, I believe it.
    I will love you more than I have always did, shall this be possible, with all my heart, my body and my soul.
    I felt warm inside writing this letter. Know this letter is a commitment for life, shall you give me that chance. This was a love letter.

    • John 2 years ago

      Bottom-line, seek information online, if you are too vulnerable like this letter suggests your ex will most likely NOT come back. you need to stand your ground. This is humane nature, you need to show strength and not crawl back to her/him otherwise that will push him/her away. That is my experience from both sides anyways.
      This strategic games suck and are really annoying, I wish human brains were working normally and love would win, but it works in reverse, you have to tease to attract the other person. It is sad. My wife abandoned me 3 months ago and never talked to me ever since, I am in therapy and have seizures, she doesn’t care. I’m giving up on the idea of her coming back, I’m giving up on the idea of trying to writing up yet another email of getting her back because this would be vulnerable and begging, so there would be no point. All I can do is hope she would come back to me, but she will not. My only hope is to move on.
      What I am trying to say is that letter here, only works if your relationship is in a very good place where you are actually not really broken up. If you are actually broken up, work on yourself and move on. Otherwise, come hell or high water.
      Good luck.

  32. niavoni 1 year ago

    I really miss my ex he was so insecure but a lovely person.After we broke up he still wanted to be my friend but i kept refusing because i still loved him but now he is trying to make me come back to him by pretending to like my friend.

  33. megan collom 10 months ago

    i sent this to my ex hoping for a good reply

  34. Ashlynn 10 months ago

    I miss my ex sm he is 16 and i’m 14.. we broke up because we had to keep our relationship hidden from his ma n dad.. because they aren’t a love n affection family… but i miss him so much.. i want him back but i think i messed it up cuz when we broke up i forgot he said us being apart wouldn’t be very long.. and i went to talk n fck around wit another guy.. i cry n cry myself to sleep every night regretting it.. I js wish he would understand how much i love him and that i would do ANYTHING to get him back! He made me actually happy the most happiest i have been in years.. n i lost him.. i js don’t feel happy anymore but he said we could be friends but ion wanna be friends.. i wanna be his girl again.. i wanna be his whole world again.. the girl he thinks of 24/7… If i can’t ever get him back I hope no girl treats him bad.. because I was his first healthy relationship.. the others cheated, lied, and used him.. i js hope no girl does that to him again n breaks his heart..

  35. Baby Daddy 8 months ago

    You will always have a place in my heart Sonenary. You and our babies mean the world to me even still to this day.

  36. Reina 6 months ago

    I hate you, it’s really hard for me to say such a sentence but I truly hate you. I gave you everything and you gave me nothing in return. You were my everything and I was your nothing everytime I tried and everytime it wasnt enough for you. You always blamed me, you always, you always looked for my flaws. You never loved me and I was blind, I loved you so hard even more than I loved myself but loving you made me sick. I forgot myself i blamed myself I believed you I thought there was something wrong with me you destroyed my self esteem, my self worth, I felt worthless near you and yet I still loved you but i don’t regret it i will always give all i have for the people i love i loved you and i gave you all i had and i would do it again now my heart and soul are broken because of you but i will be ok I will rebuild myself i will do it i deserve to continue with my life i deserve to be loved and feel how real love feels one day you will realize that you’ve lost the person who loved you with all her heart you’ve lost unconditional love you will never find someone like me and to be honest you deserve it people like you who don’t know how to appreciate the good and little things in life will always end up unsatisfied and alone. Maybe you “won” in the battle. You “won me” but the truth is I won myself, you lost me, you lost the love of your life i will forget you. You don’t deserve to stay in my mind. You have no idea how I felt you were my entire life, they say with time broken hearts heal. I gave you everything I could you hurt me in return they tried to make me see what you really were but I turned it away in disbelief. I had to find out for myself. You made me smile, you made me laugh but in the end you made me frown, you made me cry and you made me bleed. How could you do this to me? You told me I was yours forever. You told me you’d never leave me. You told me no one is ever able to take my place but I guess you lied about those things too. I have given all my love to you but what did I get in return? A broken heart. Do you have any idea how much I love you? I bet you don’t because while I was busy loving you, you were silently still loving her. I was stupid, and was blinded by the strong emotion I felt for you. I was once again DOOMED! I remember everything, the way we met, our first kiss. I remember the unconditional love we had, you and I, and I also remember that day my world collapsed…
    I remember that immense pain, almost unbearable, I remember how much it hurt to live, to breathe, I remember feeling what it was like to have a broken heart…
    I remember this darkness around me, this tormenting whirlpool, I remember wondering if the pain would eventually stop…
    I remember vowing myself yours forever, I remember hoping for your return… and you left me there, shattered, only to start again, and again… What did you want? I made a pact with Love, my heart was yours.
    And yet : treason after treason, I remember your tempting words, and I also remember the Others. I loved you my whole life, I remember engraving the promise that I would always be yours, I remember I once had a heart before you trampled it…
    But I also remember the old me, I remember the wound and I can say today that time is the great healer…

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