I miss my best friend

I miss my best friend

I miss my best friend

You were my everything. For two years it was you and me, babe.

We had so much fun together; you would have crossed mountains and deserts for me, and I would have done the same for you.

We always talked about being more than what we were — more than best friends. Both of us said at various times that if we had become more then the amazing friendship that we’d been creating for ourselves would get completely fucked up.

We should have listened, shouldn’t we?

After all, it amounted to six months of lying and sneaking around, feeling terrible about what we were doing — I was single, you weren’t. You told me it was going to be okay. You told me every day that you loved me, as you had always done previously.

But for that six months we knew, didn’t we? We knew that we were perfect for one another.

And then, you couldn’t handle it anymore. You couldn’t leave her for me (even though you’d told me countless times that you would).

We tried to mend the broken fragments of our friendship, yet here I am, almost three years later, knowing that I sacrificed my best friend for something as ridiculous and unimportant as physical pleasure.

I found someone else, as I’m sure you are aware. It’s been nearly three years that he and I have shared so far and although I know that he has and is continuing to give me everything you couldn’t, that doesn’t change the fact that every happy, funny, beautiful memory I have from my final years of high school involve you and I miss you so very much.

I’m sorry that we were right in thinking that it wouldn’t work out, but I never dreamed that it would end so abruptly or hurtfully.

I love you, and I wish you only good things babe.


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