LTME postI honestly think you have changed since we first met, because when I first met you you cared about life so much more and relationship wise, treated me so much better, you were so romantic. And now? You are just like everyone else, trying to fit in, impress your friends, and putting them before me. I was there way longer that your stupid little so called, “friends,” and supported you like no other. I think that is what kills me most because you would think that you would realize that I’m someone worth changing for, and that I’m only trying to help you for the better. I NEVER was trying to be a controlling bitch I only ever wanted to be your girlfriend that pushes you to do better and helps you strive. I tried to change for you all the time… Why? To make you happy! because all I ever liked doing was seeing you happy… If you were happy I was happy but ur happiness was not always good, what you called happiness was leading you in the wrong direction. Maybe you were just to ignorant to realize that all I was doing was guiding you, as a girlfriend should. I could not choose your friends for you, but you were starting to act like them and starting to treat me like I was some bitch who was bothering you, when I was your girlfriend who you “love” and care about remember?

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  1. Jazz 3 years ago

    This is very well written, I can totally relate to this as my bf also did the same thing, he ended up choosing his other friends over me, he always had an excuse no matter what, i just wanted to talk to him, just wanted him to know that
    I loved him, it sucks how easy it is for him to get past and ignore me and say that he is busy all the time, I really feel sad
    when i see other people going through the same thing as me, I wish you the best! You will find someone better and more suitable for you soon! Stay strong my sister, I’m clinging to hope aswell as its the only thing i can do. :3

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