I don’t want to carry this around any longer…

I don’t want to carry this around any longer…

I don’t want to carry this around any longer…

When we first met, I thought you were a creepy, socially inept asshole. Six years and a broken heart later, I learned to trust my first impression. There’s nothing special about a guy so afraid to try in life, he’s still living with his mother when he’s almost 30 and has never held a job to date. You began to resent me when I started to grow up. You dropped out of high school and were disappointed when I graduated. You never even congratulated me when I got my degree. Instead, you said I was too busy studying and that was your excuse for fucking someone else.

You said I thought I was better than you. Well honestly, I did not. If you were to ask me now though, you’d get a resounding “yes, I am!” You are a parasite, leeching on fellow no-hopers to make yourself feel better about having no ambition or direction in life. I am not sorry for pursuing an education and a career, and I am no longer sorry I lost you. You are, and will always be, deadweight.

The guy who replaced you made me realize exactly what I was missing in a relationship. He’s intelligent, funny, absolutely gorgeous, caring and so thoughtful. He also has about three inches on you where it counts. Have fun preying on teenagers and bored housewives. You’re the biggest mistake any girl could make. So glad we fell out of contact.
Yours never again,


  1. Jason 12 years ago

    Liselle, I can’t believe I stumbled upon this! I was on a news website reading a story about this site, and I found myself wondering “what sort of losers would use it to vent about previous relationships?” and you can imagine my shock when I read your story aimed at me.

    Let me respond by saying a number of these clams you have made are massively inaccurate. I wasn’t disappointed you graduated, I was proud of you and just didn’t know how to show it. Blah blah blah to all of the other stuff.. Let’s just focus on the juicy bits:

    The comment regarding my junk is a tad hurtful, however I will clarify for you. It is not that I am small in that department, it is that I never managed to get fully aroused by your “Fat 14 year old boy on a cup cake bender” body. It was then like throwing a banana down a hallway. Maybe, just maybe, your new man is in to that kind of thing, resulting in a misrepresentation of actual size.

    I wish you all the best in your new relationship, and I am no longer living with Mom. I have moved out with my brother.

  2. Get It Together 12 years ago

    Jason, thanks so much for dropping by. You have underlined that Liselle’s assessment of your personality is accurate, and I hope she reads your response to see how right she is.

  3. Jia 12 years ago

    Best post on this site. Thanks Jason. I had a great laugh at you glossing over what a douche you are and yet vehemently defending the size of your “junk”.

    Someone hit a nerve.

  4. jessi 11 years ago

    Hahahaha oh my god is that actually jason!? If it is, he is a total hypocrite – way to insult this sight then post a rant on it yourself.

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