Sorry and goodbye

Sorry and goodbye

Sorry and goodbye

Dear ex,

I’m really sorry you’re hurting because I left you. But I’m not sorry I left.

I’m sorry you could never see my point of view when I tried to raise issues about our relationship. I’m sorry you always dismissed anything that you “didn’t see as a problem”, no matter how much it upset me.

I’m sorry you got so caught up in your own frustrations that you couldn’t see how much you were hurting me.

I’m sorry that when you were unhappy with me you never raised it directly, and instead tried to drive me away by more underhand means.

I’m sorry you used to walk out of the house without even looking at me, never mind kissing me goodbye.

I’m sorry that when I was clinically depressed and seeking help, you were utterly unsupportive. I’m sorry that you completely shut down my attempts to talk about my grief and trauma, and about the help I had to find elsewhere. I’m sorry that you couldn’t empathise. (And I’m sorry for what I put you through during that period.)

I’m sorry you could never show me the slightest consideration regarding matters large or small. I’m sorry I finally realised that there are guys out there who will.

I’m sorry you always made me feel inadequate.

I’m sorry we never learned how to communicate better, at least until it was too late. I’m sorry that, even now, you’re showing no signs of learning any lessons.

I’m really sorry you’re hurting now, and I wish you well. But I’m so very glad that I left.


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