What wom€n rea££y $€€k

What wom€n rea££y $€€k

What wom€n rea££y $€€k

Dear, Kristina, Jenny, Genevieve, Kirsty, Pamela, Sandy and Nicola,

Thanks for stringing me along for months on end only to either:

A. dump me for a bloke with more money or
B. cheat on me with a man with more money.

I’m just sorry it took 7 consecutive broken hearts, over 8 wasted years of my life, to figure out what the only thing Sydney girls want in a man!


  1. $ Hungry 12 years ago

    Dear Miser/able,
    Having been financially taken for a $126,000 ride by my ex believe me that it’s fe/males.
    I should have known when my bank manager’s eyebrows lept off his forehead when we were signing for a joint account and credit card and Mr ScrewYou let me be the primary signator. FYI If you sign first you become the person responsible for the debt no matter who spent it.
    Love and kisses from the park bench…

  2. Cynical Chook 12 years ago

    $ Hungry,

    So you’re hinting that I’m a miser! I actually bailed out one of my ex’s maxed out credit cards from her shoe shopping addiction. I didn’t expect her pay it back because I LOVED HER! She never payed me back and dumped for a man with more money!

    Yeah, right. It’s MY fault…

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