I deserve better

I deserve better

I deserve better

Dear Ex,

Sometimes in life two people meet on an off chance and something great comes out of it. And sometime it’s sorrow. Breaking up with you is a sorrow that I can handle. But something great has come out of us. I now know that you are so far from what I want in a man and that I deserve better than what I had with you.

I deserve someone who isn’t so wrapped up in their own life and makes the time to be with with.

Someone who does the things he says he will.

Someone who doesn’t throw me away when it suits him and then brings me back when it suits him.

I deserve a man who will be my shoulders to lean on when I need it.

A man who doesn’t sulk when he doesn’t get his own way.

A man who thinks I’m beautiful and tells me this.

A man who kisses me even when it has nothing to do with sex.

A man who holds my hand and is proud to have me as a part of his life.

I deserve so much better than what you have given me.

For a smart man you sure are the dumbest person I have met. Life is not always about what you want.

So thank you for the lesson. I have learnt that empty promises is all you can deliver. And I want more.




  1. K.c 12 years ago

    It the best i ever red i send it to my ex gf i just say her insiad of him

    • Love 11 years ago

      For a minute I thought I wrote this…it’s like you’re telling my feelings and thoughts exactly…it’s almost scary. You deserve better and I deserve better!

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