I thought you were different!

I thought you were different!

I thought you were different!

I’ve been through a very bad thing in my life and I never told you until you broke up with me…. you shouldn’t listen to everything you hear. You know I’m just a good girl trying to find happiness and you gave me no real reason for the split other than you work long hours and can’t give me what I need. But when did I ever complain? When we went out for that lovely day did I ever complain when you were playing water games with your mates? I just understood and had that respect. I didn’t even want you to meet my child at first as I knew how my happiness would end… I’ve also been hearing things you’ve said about me. Why did you make me feel so good then end it like I was nothing? ps I dont eat pork!! That night you cooked for me I didn’t want to upset you but I was sick all nite!

I was like the perfect girl. I didn’t even mind when we went to that rave and you danced all night and the other girls were getting all stressed because you guys weren’t paying attention… I just said let them be. And I cooked for you because I knew you were tired after work… I walked to your house to be with you on your birthday and you were moody because you were tired and I forgave you… I wish I never met you now as I think I’ve just lost my soul mate. What hurts the most is you still pretend to be in a relationship.


  1. Lynne Williamson 6 years ago


    Anyone that treats you like that is not your soul mate. I thought the same had happened to me and I know that I have still to meet my soul mate and that makes me really excited:):)



    • mark smith 5 years ago

      Me too I feel like ,but i don’t still meet my soul

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