What happened in Fitzroy

What happened in Fitzroy

What happened in Fitzroy

Dear MS,

This is short. It therefore took a long time to write.

You are married and have two children. Your wife deserves to be respected as well as loved and this concern must come first. You are an honourable man and you will not truly damage your family. So this is the last time we will talk about this.

1. I love you, always did, still do.

2. Your misunderstanding of privilege shits me to tears. (Even in the middle of your disability, you do not understand privilege) 3. I broke up with you as I did not have the skill to negotiate between (1) and (2). I lied and said I did not love you so that you would be free to find someone else, which you did.

4. I think you have a cracking intelligence, a fine mind and a big heart and that it is more important to nurture those three than to worry about who earns or owes what. See (2) and (3).

Now go and plan a romantic weekend with A and let us not speak of this again.




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