I will love you forever

I will love you forever

I will love you forever

Dear P,

Second, minutes, days, years are going, time will not stop, I’m all alone, without you. Again. I don’t know if I can handle that anymore. You are the only one who could make me the happiest girl in the world but in the same time the saddest. I can’t explain the way I feel, I just know that no one will love you this much. I don’t blame you, I blame myself ’cause I believed that our love could last despite all miles that seperate us. I was wrong. It looks like it was easy for you to move on, to forget me, to live your life.

I will be caputered in those beautiful moments we shared, I will wait and hope that I will see those eyes that were full of sadness when we said our last goodbye.. But if that doesn’t happen you will still be with me, when I close my eyes, fly far away and kiss you tenderly, like I used to. It will be only you and me.

Yes, maybe… Maybe I will find someone else. If I do, part of my heart will be there in your hands and it will stay there forever.

I would like to tell you that I don’t regret anything I did for you. Those moments were blast and madness at the same time.

You were my North, South, my East and West, my week and my Sunday rest. I can still feel your hand in my hand, your lips on my neck… How you used to whisper to me that this will never end.

It’s all over now… I hope that you are out there and that your life is full of joy, happiness and love. That you are surounded with good people… I just want you to know one thing. One crazy girl, many many miles away, loves you more than anything in this world and that love won’t ever go away… I yearn for the moment when we are finally together.




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