If you’re just playing mind games, it’s on you

If you’re just playing mind games, it’s on you

If you’re just playing mind games, it’s on you

I don’t know what is going on but if you are just playing mind games, it’s on you. This is toxic and I don’t like it. It is mean and is hurting my feelings. I don’t appreciate it, won’t encourage it and not gonna be a part of it.

I have tried to reach out and talk to/with you to see if there is even a possibility of reconciliation or if not, some sort of closure but either way, I don’t see any progress.

If you truly cared and were serious about having a relationship with me like had you said, we would have openly discussed it already. Clearly that is not the case. Evasiveness, excuses and mixed signals all contribute and result in confusion and ambiguity. And I won’t give justifications anymore to such actions or the lack thereof.

I still have dignity and self respect so I won’t go after someone who won’t even give me time of day.

Our lives just seem to be moving in different directions. You seem to be happy and contented in where you’re at now, so I’ll just let you be.

I’m left with no choice but to let you go and just move on and hopefully God will direct me to the right path finding a healthy, nurturing, loving, honest and trusting relationship with someone who shares my values and goals in life. (And yes, I’m at that point where I am open to the idea of that kind of relationship).

I know myself and what I can bring into a relationship. I believe I deserve someone who can appreciate and respect me and who can reciprocate what I have to offer.

Running, gym and social networks are only temporary fixes. It’s time to do more than just running around and away from the real issues. Time to face up to reality. I know I have to work on my self first so I’m seeking counseling and therapy for self awareness, healing and growth.

Life is too short. There is no need to waste both our time with senseless mind games. They are psychologically and emotionally abusive. People don’t do that to people they care for.

It is hard for me to believe and comprehend why this is happening. Especially with you involved. I have always thought you were better than that. But I also understand that things happen for a reason and sometimes we just don’t question why things happen the way they do. We are all accountable for our actions; answerable to a higher power.

I won’t hold a grudge against you and judgment is not mine to give. I now understand the concept of forgiveness and acceptance and why they are essential in moving forward, finding peace and happiness and self preservation.

I apologize for any inconvenience this whole experience has caused us both. I had learned a lot from it. And I thank you for the good times and memories, short-lived as they were; they were all good while they lasted.

I wish you well. Take care.


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