The further away, the closer you are

The further away, the closer you are

The further away, the closer you are

Dear Mr,

Sometimes the answer to ‘I don’t understand? How have I done wrong by you?’ lies deep within yourself. I was a fair person. I gave you my heart, my trust and my loyalty.

You said trust me and I did.
You said don’t doubt yourself with me, and i put faith in you.
You said you couldn’t be more honest with me if you tried, and I believed you.
You said you were coming home to me. And you came home to her.

You did things to me that hurt me and you never thought you were doing wrong.

I just wanted to be sure of you. And you let my hand go.

You need to understand what you have done, work through the problems you have caused me, and realise my only crime was loving you. My only burden is that I always will.

All i wanted was a partner to support me and to share my life with, to have a family and be happy.

You have to look inside yourself to find me. You have to stop lying to yourself and to your heart. We all make mistakes. We all possess the ability to rehabilitate and change. It’s just our abillity to admit to those mistakes, apologise without expecting forgiveness and make it up to those we hurt.

50 reasons. 52 reasons. It doesn’t matter to me unless the person who writes those reasons tells the truth and acts upon it


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