Sorry and thank-you

Sorry and thank-you

Sorry and thank-you

I want to start by saying I miss you incredibly, you are a great friend. While at the moment I know circumstances don’t allow, I hope that we do see each other again.

You were incredibly patient with me and I guess that is why we worked so well, you still are. I know I can be hard to be friends with at times so I’m sorry for that.

Mostly, I’m sorry for how we left things when we last saw each other. You told me you loved me and I threw you out. I know that you weren’t really in love with me, that you were confused but still I should have taken care of you like I used to. Like you still do to me.

I love you, you are still incredibly close in my heart and whenever I look back on our relationship it is only ever with fondness. You gave me the strength to realise that I can be in a relationship, I am not the constant single girl I had always thought of myself.

I know you will find the gorgeous woman of your dreams someday and when you do my heart will leap with joy. She is all you deserve and more.

So I guess thank you for everything. I can’t imagine a more perfect relationship, with a more perfect ending.


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