Dear B

To the forgotten one,

It’s strange the way the tables have turned. In the start, I was a naive 16 year old in love with someone much, much older. I seduced you and for a little while you were mine. I felt like I was always having to prove myself to you… How silly. Of course you had more money, of course you almost had a house and of course you were ‘mature’ and ‘sensible’. It’s only now that I realise that in comparison to others your age, you haven’t achieved anything, really.

You always did say that once I turned 18 I would outgrow you, and I did… how glad I am that I did. Your games became boring and I didn’t want to be tied down at such a young age anymore. I went out and met new people and experienced a small part of life while you sat at home. And then I traveled, and I traveled well… more than you’ve done in your 30 years. You always made fun of my job, because I wasn’t getting anywhere while I studied, I hope you heard that I’m doing well now 🙂 You’re still you… in the same job, with the same income and the same small group of friends that don’t venture out of our city, ever.

It’s only now that I realise that you were nothing but a bullying stress upon my teenage life. You drained me, and stole all of my confidence, you made me miserable. I hope you never, ever treat another woman the way you treated me. I loved you, so sincerely.

And now as I receive multiple ‘I want you back’ and ‘I hope you’re happy’ messages I laugh. You belittled me to the point where i spent most nights in bed with you, crying myself to sleep. I hope you feel some pain now, just for a little while.


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