You are the selfish one

You are the selfish one

You are the selfish one

To J,

If you loved me so much, why did you not even trust me to fix my flaws? That’s what people do when they’re in love, right? They have their ups and downs, but they work it out because they trust each other, overcome the issues, and become even stronger. But you said that all those times I said sorry, I didn’t mean it. Why? Instead of asking me to talk about it, you tested me and then started acting completely nasty and cold-hearted. I asked you what I did wrong, and you said “I don’t want to talk about it.” But somehow, I was supposed to figure out for myself what I did wrong, and then apologize?

You said I was selfish. One time I asked you if you really thought I was that selfish, and you said “don’t worry about it.” You call me selfish, but while I call myself stupid for my flaws, you tell me that your flaws are characteristics of yourself that you can’t change; you tell me that I’ll just have to “deal with it.” You say you know you’re not perfect, yet you put all the blame on me for the relationship ending the way it did. So don’t you dare tell me that I am the selfish one.

I still wish you happiness in life, but karma’s a bitch, and it will get you one day.


  1. AnotherSomebodyYouUsedToKnow 6 years ago

    Well said. And i completely ditto all of that to my last boyfriend. I said right from the beginning that in any relationship, especially dating, you have no right to be mad at someone unless you tell them what’s going on and give it a chance to work out. But somehow he never heard all of that and when he broke up with me pulled out a whole laundry list of things I was supposed to have known were wrong (and most of them I had asked him about previously but he’s too much of a coward to actually say what was on his mind). And now somehow I’m the jerk that ruined his life. Go figure. It amazes me how lacking people can be in the self awareness department… Anyways, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. karabo 5 years ago

    Ohyeah! Well said dear… Trust is the main thing that makes the relationship to be strong…

  3. S 1 year ago

    You never loved me. I feel really used. You always bail on me. I dont want anything to do with you. Go get help. learn to respect and love yourself. You only answer you yourself. You choose the oppinions around you to make your choices. I hope I never see you again. I will forget you.

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