Maybe one day we’ll be together like before

Maybe one day we’ll be together like before

Maybe one day we’ll be together like before

It’s been four months since we broke up. Honestly, the feeling of you being there is still so fresh. Sometimes I really wished it was a nightmare. Going back to the old us again. I have always loved you and will always do. I miss you a lot. I really hope to tell you this. But you seemed like you have moved on and so do I. Have you heard of this before? If you truly love a person, wish him the best even if he is with someone else. Yes, I agree. I know that love isn’t a temporal thing. If it was, then Jesus would actually take back His love for us by maybe taking back the gift of salvation from us.

Anyway, I hope for the best for you. Don’t worry about me, I can manage. I pray that if it is God’s will, we will somehow somewhere under the moon and stars, one day get back together like how we used to. Take care.



  1. todd 9 years ago

    You should let them know how you feel, much like you have in this letter. It may not be meant to be right now, but depending on the circumstances, you never know. What if you are both sitting there, remaining quiet because you feel you are doing what is best for the other person? It is scary, but what if there was a chance and you let it slip away or you wait too long till he/she is in too deep with someone else even though their heart is with you? I hope some day to get a letter like this from my ex-girlfriend.

  2. peeky 9 years ago

    thanks todd for your encouragement! i miss him so much. but since the both of us decided we should go separate ways, i shall respect that decision. we were both suffocating in it as we are living quite a distance from each other. im leaving it to the Lord. God was the One that put us together at the first place. If it was meant to be, im sure, God will bring us together again. to me, it looks impossible to get back together as we have both headed different directions in life. Im trusting the One above. even if we are not together, he will always have a special place in my heart. always!
    To him: love you a lot! thanks for the almost 2 years of sharing our lives together. thanks! i did not regret it at all though we’re no longer together. memories will always be with me. loves!

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