A year later…

A year later…

A year later…

Dear Trouble,

Your ineptitude of self awareness is amazing for a social work major. You will never get another girlfriend like me. Even with all your stupid, immature shit I was the nicest and most understanding girl there ever was. You even said it yourself if you’d remember life without your grudge tinted glasses.

The only things I ever did wrong were things you told me were fine even when I directly asked you. And when you broke up with me I was somehow supposed to have known all this stuff you never told me the truth about?

I can’t believe you are so bitter about a few things I said that I didn’t know you were going to take the wrong way. Even after I drug the truth out of you and told you what I really meant. And you know I didn’t mean it like you thought. But you refuse to let go even though I’ve let go of so much and was willing to be friends like YOU said you wanted. But you didn’t really. You’re just a cop out that’s too scared to tell people what you really think.

You on the other hand are free to point out every flaw and every misinterpreted thing I ever said. The one time we talked since we broke up you hit me with every bullet in your arsenal and yet I held my tongue, gave you the benefit of the doubt when sharing the things that hurt me, and apologized for what was mostly your fault.

I’m the one that has the right to be fuming mad and curse you out. All I wanted was a simple ‘hey sorry things didn’t work out between us but I wish you the best’. But no. Now you’re graduating and you still ignore me every week as if we aren’t on the same planet much less in the same room. You act as if I am somehow responsible for all the crap in your life and you are the poor victim. Which is guess is why you get to post all the sappy break up songs on your Facebook even though you broke up with me. Because that makes sense.

But I will continue to be the better person. You are free to ignore me all you want. I can at least remember the fun times we had together and separate them from who you turned out to be. I regret nothing. Some day, when you are finally willing to commit to someone else, you’ll realize just how amazing I was to you. And by then I will be with someone who actually cares about me and not just using me to satisfy his own needs.

So mister victim, pout away. You’ve finally made it to graduation. I hope all your post college dreams come true, and more. I know I’m better off without you so thanks for making that so easy. Cheers.


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