If I…

Well….I wish I told you how much I really, truly loved making fun of ykiu behind your back. Calling you fat. A pig. Sick. Slimy. Gross. Not a man nor woman. Disgusting. Absolutely vile. Get the point?

My new life is so amazing…I have this super sexy boyfriend who’s actually strong! Not a weakling like you. He has manliness, you have nothing. Have fun with your whores, I’m livin’ a new life not regretting leaving you behind.

Sure, it took getting rid of my old closest friend, but it was sure as hell worth it for my new bestie, and my sister!

Have fun with them bitches, who are totally not worth anyone’s time but yours because, well… they happen to be the scum on the bottom of my shoe, just like you.

Everytime you insult me, I hope you like the suspensions they give you!

I can rise it above it all and just watch you fall. Hope your Dad’s still beating you!!!

Die by tomorrow… let me throw a party!

Later, Dick-wad!

~Nikki Marie



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