When we met all those years ago I wanted you so much, I wanted the man that demonstrated so much integrity, so much charm, so much empathy. I was stable, clear, confident and happy and your presence was almost as if my wish for my idea of my soul mate was realised.

I remember all the lies, the bitterness, the damnation and the cruel way in which you beat any happiness any joy out of my life and I remember that I still wanted you.

You used all of my frailties to kick me down and made sure that if I ever felt better that you would make sure I was humiliated until I relented any attempt to find any shred of self worth. You treated me like your dog and your confidence increased.

We parted you, chased me once again and laid on the charm, unfortunately you always lied like a child and I admit although I still wanted to have you in my life, the cracks when they appeared sickened me. I sickened myself for wanting you.

I wanted to part well but you made sure that the bitter knife you wield so well would make sure that I was cut down.

And you walked away and met a beautiful young talented young woman.

And I bet she is besotted with you

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  1. Bertus 7 years ago

    Very good letter. My wife left me 3 months ago and it hurts bad.

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