Still hurting

Still hurting

Still hurting

My Dearest EX,

It’s been a long time since we haven’t seen each other personally. I think it’s almost 15 years.

I remember i did sent you a letter after you dumped me way back year 2000 if i am not mistaken but i cannot remember what i’ve told you before.

Why I wanted to write you again, I thought I have already moved on after all those years but something happened or destiny really has something to do with it…

Why did you let your wife (who was the reason why you dumped me)work where i also work (of course i was the first one who entered in this company)…You should be the one to tell her not to work here! I know i don’t own the company but for delicadeza sake you should know that you’ve hurt me before and now you still hurting me and ruining my life again!

I cannot imagine how I turn away my head whenever we came across the corridor..we never spoken..and I cannot stand seeing her everyday..If I could find another job like what I am earning right now I do resign immediately..

Please do tell her to resign immediately..spare me my freedom here in our office and you both stay away!

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  1. Peniel 7 years ago

    I had the same situation. Both of us didn’t resign. We just waited until our contracts ended and the company closed down weeks after. Sometimes, the problem finds its own solution. No need to panic. Once you’d moved on, you’d moved on. No one and nothing can affect you anymore. You simply forget and forgive.

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