The first time you talked to me I remember thinking….who the fuck is this kid? I blew you off, I never thought we would turn into anything. Then you called me and I fell in love with your voice right away. You were sweet, nice and we hit it off. After 3 days of talking I came to see you. We had a great time. I thought I found someone who wasn’t like the rest of the dicks I had dated. There was only one problem, you didn’t want me. You said your life was to busy. You kept sending me mixed signals. I thought maybe it will happen eventually, just be patient. We got into little fights but nothing big.

We were planning to see each other this Monday, but we got into a huge fight. You had yelled at me for talking to another guy, when you didn’t even want to commit to me yet? I just didnt get how you could say you loved me, but you didn’t want me. I said things I didn’t mean, you said you had used me. You said that I was physcotic, that you hated me. You knew things about me that not a lot of people know. I told you so much. So I hurt you, I told you I was seeing another guy, that I never fell for you. I know I will never hear from you again, you blocked me from kik, you blocked my number, and cut off all contact. Even though you hate me, and event hough I should hate you, I never will. I want to say sorry for the things I said impulsively out of anger. I want closure but I know I will never get it. I want one proper goodbye so I don’t regret it, but I will just have to move on and forget everything.


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