I can’t read her… And I wouldn’t have it any. Other. Way.

I once counted five different expressions in as many seconds. Yes, that’s the kind of thing that beckons me toward, ever forward, striving for the mystery.

She’s like a girl with no history, well, none of any consequence, it’s common sense, before me nothing existed, yet somehow I almost missed it.

Standing there in front of me, like a vision from on high. Don’t know why I was found worthy, but I’m sure she deserves me, and all I have to give, its how I live. Go with the flow until you just don’t know, then she was there, her silky hair and brown eyes, a personality so much like mine we could intertwine in moments so divine, sublime.

It was perfect, that moment I got the courage to kiss her across the table, I knew I was able, but I didn’t want to crash that coffee on the floor, but I did it, then our hands touched, soft, electric, a feeling so eccentric. Like I said, perfect.

That was it, the moment I found her, completely sober yet drunk on her eyes, her smile. Those five different expressions in as many seconds. My mystery girl.

~ Gabe


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  1. Chad 7 years ago

    Perfect why’d it all end, how’d she break your heart? You never usually see post like this, most are normally hateful or extremely depressing. I myself enjoyed this post, very good writing skills and choice of words.

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