You are both screwed up!

You are both screwed up!

You are both screwed up!


ELEVEN YEARS I WASTED ON YOUR SORRY ASS! You think I want you back but I DONT! However I’m pissed as hell that you got ENGAGED to Natalie when we are not even divorced yet. QUIT DRAGGING YOUR HEELS AND LETS GET IT DONE! You have been dating her for only four months, and we have been separated for only six. You traded our kids for hers without even blinking! You paid for a pretty ring and you won’t even pay child support!

MY RING WAS A CRAP CRACKER JACKS RING! You will be her third husband, and I’m guessing her fourth wont like you very much. Now that I think about it her current husband is probably just as pissed as I am. FYI… she DOWNGRADED. That’s fine. When you are done playing marital musical chairs with that bitch I won’t be here. You can push HER through walls for the next eleven years. I’m glad it’s not me anymore but I’m still pissed as hell! You are both selfish and you both disgust me. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN KIDS! DOUCHE!


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