Dear J…

It’s October. Not April. But I thought you should know that I don’t even think about April being special anymore. You’re married now. Funny how that works. You were going to propose to me (dodged that bullet) and then two months after I broke up with you, you found this girl and now you’re married, living under her parents  money and job. I think I made it out just in time. I want you to know that he loves me. Truly loves me and will never hurt me like you’ve hurt me before and will never do again. I’m glad that you don’t try and talk to me any more and I hope you are happy. I’m glad that April isn’t special to me any more and I’m glad that this was the first time I’ve thought of you in a long time. Oh. And it’s funny how you said you didn’t like her, then suddenly you’re married.


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