Dear Kassie

Dear Kassie

Dear Kassie

Kassie, you told me I had 2 minutes to say everything to you. Thats 2 minutes to say how much I love you, how much I actually do care, even though I never showed it before. 2 minutes is just not enough. How can you fit all that in 2 minutes? Here is what I should have said to you:

I love you. Plain and simple, I love you. I do realize I have done so many wrong things, and I am truly sorry. You have to understand that. Secondly, I know I should have trusted you, but I just wasn’t certain. It was a friends word over a girlfriends word. Two people I care about deeply. If I could turn back time, there is so much I would change.

I never would have been such a dick to you. I honestly don’t know why I acted like that. All I know is that I will never act like that to you ever, ever again. I screwed up. I do that so damn well. I’m an asshole, I know it. Please Kassie, just give me one FINAL chance. This will be my chance to prove to you that I can change, and that I have. 2 minutes can’t tell you how much I love you. It would take 2 damn lifetimes to do that! Kassie, I love you. Please, take me back…


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