Moving on without you

Moving on without you

Moving on without you

Dear Lawrence,

I never noticed you at the party, but you asked to sit beside me. You seemed so interested like you couldn’t take your eyes off me. I pursued you to come out with us later, I started the conversations. You lied to me that you didn’t have a girlfriend, even though I found out otherwise. You were in and out of my life, seeing me when you had time. I moved on and patched things with a man in my life that always loved me and I loved back. I moved on. You kept coming back to me, expressing how unhappy you were in your relationship. We talked and shared s0me good memories. I slowly started to have feelings for you. I thought of it as fun and thought I had a good handle on it.

Then we both made a mistake that night. You quickly made it a point to label me as a slip-up and walk out of my life. I was left dealing with the feelings and the hurt. I ended up sharing a part of me with you that I cannot take back. I am heart-broken over the things you led me to believe and how you managed to open me up to you.

Reality is, you were my slip-up and I your crutch. You will just go back to your girlfriend and happy home. And I will work through my problems and not around it.

I am truly sorry for the part I have played in this and for losing control. Hope you find the happiness you deserve and I hope that even though you stay in my heart, you will forever stay out of my life.


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