I deserve so much better

I deserve so much better

I deserve so much better


I would like to start by saying you are the love of my life. You make me feel amazingly happy on so many levels. I can’t begin to count the number of times I have imagined our life together. Our kids, house, everything. But this is just all wishful thinking. I learned at a very young age that drugs could tear a happy family apart. And I promised myself to have a better life for myself than that. This is why I broke my first engagement. You were my saving grace.

I would have never made it through that without you and I will always be grateful that God gave me you to help me through that. I loved you with all I have; I still do. But you chose drugs… I know you have been clean for a few weeks and I hope you stay that way. I hope you find a woman who you love as much as I love you. Because I know if you find that you will stay clean for you and her. You keep saying you love me and want me home. I think you really want to feel that way but if you did you would be clean and wouldn’t steal money from me. I love you; always will but I deserve better…and so do you…


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