Oh hey…

Oh hey…

Oh hey…

Its only been 3 days since I last heard from you, but I know you’ve moved on, I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. I’m used to speaking to you everyday so this silence is killing me. I know if I text or call you won’t answer. Is this your coping mechanism or did you really not care?

Seems so stupid really…. an intense relationship that wasn’t meant to be from the start. You’re much younger than me and only spend 3 months of the year here. But I fell for you hook line and sinker. Guessing you didn’t have the same feelings as me.

Your the first relationship I’ve had since my life was turned upside down 12 months ago. I cant cope with anymore heartache.

I know people think I’m messed up, but they don’t know me. You saw me, the real me. I’m just a normal woman who’s been hurt.

I love you D, I think.


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