I should’ve done so many things different

I should’ve done so many things different

I should’ve done so many things different

A, I feel like this somehow might make me feel better, deep down I know it really wont. I wish things would have been different, so much time has gone by since that first day we met. i remember seeing you just feeling something instantly, its like i was drawn to you, probably the worst way to approach someone, or maybe not cause hey we did have 3 years together, years that i cant seem to remove from my memory. I did love you. More then you could ever know.

I always wanted to be the best for you, still to this day as pathetic as it sounds I still feel that way. Going through pain like this you tend to find yourself speaking to others about it all and I have come to realize from all of the conversations is that I truly do love you and as mad as I am that you are with someone else Im more mad at myself for every stupid impulsive action I took. I lost you, you meant everything to me and I just treated you and showed you something different, because of my insecurities I pushed you away. I miss you everyday. And I will always love you I know i will. Bye


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