Thanks for keeping in contact as you promised… Good joke, I’m with a musician now.

Thanks for keeping in contact as you promised… Good joke, I’m with a musician now.

Thanks for keeping in contact as you promised… Good joke, I’m with a musician now.

The break up happened well over a year ago now, and I have found someone who actually treats me well and respects me for who I am. I am happier than I have ever been when with you and he is bringing out the best in me unlike you. I wrote this letter a month after our break up last year, and I have only just discovered this site so I may as well post it.

Pps. When I wrote the letter I was determined to find a man who is “billion times better than you, who will treat me better and actually put effort into our relationship”. I have found that person. Also, he is an outstanding musician 😉 Boom.

And now, the letter:

12th Feb, 2013

Dear Rowan,

Why hello. Nice of you to initiate the conversation.. oh wait…ha. Hope you’ve been well and having fun. It seems like you have been. Must be living it up in London aye… living the high life! Obviously getting it on with the lady drinking buddy well, she sounds classy as shit! Sincerely hoping you are having the very best of times getting to know each other very, very well! I love the fact that in the photos taken a day or 2 after our separation you looked happy as all hell, with your arm around this new buddy of yours (as if you did not just get out of a relationship with someone you seemed to have cared a lot about…yeah right.).

She must be a very intriguing person to make you show such interest in her (thanks for keeping me updated on the progress of your acquaintanceship even before you left. That information totally brightened up my day). I am just soooo happy for you right now… Very, very happy. I especially LOVE how well our friendship is going! Thank you so much for keeping me posted every now and then… I am so glad we mutually agreed to stay friends and to keep communicating, it’s working so well. OH WAIT. What a joke that turned out to be! We haven’t talked for more than a month.

Honestly I miss our conversations. I used to look forward to our chats every night, I used to anticipate a greeting from you every time I saw you online at night, and it usually came as soon as you hopped on. It’s so hard to get out of that habit, I still check to see if you’re online (I have adopted a routine to check in the morning as well-it’s really bad. I even know what time it is in London right now. I just can’t seem to stop thinking about what you may be up to. Can you please just get out of my mind?) It is actually so disappointing to not even have a short little catch up conversation. So every time I see you online I expect to feel disappointment, and disappointment is exactly what I am rewarded with. Yippee. While I’m doing this, I bet you’re online having fantabulous conversations with your other more important friends from Australia and your new gappie best friends cough new interest. Gee, you are such a great friend!!!

Although I miss you a lot, can I say that boy I’m kind of glad that you left? I actually wasted so much time last year talking to/ hanging with/ waiting for you. and especially since you didn’t really try at school, you were kind of weighing me down. I wasted an entire free line to hang out with you, and we didn’t even do anything productive. I just felt like an anti-social, token girlfriend when I was sitting with you and your friends while you play cards. (Dayum, what cool friends you have!) Since all you really talked about were stuff I had no respectable opinions on, therefore leaving me unable to make intelligent comments. I wasted an entire semester sitting through this once every few days. Woah. How did I not see this last year? and I think I can probably blame you for contributing to the quality of my results from last semester. Damn, I’m actually so lucky to have even done as well as I did given the amount of study I actually did in reality. If I wasn’t so distracted by you all the time, I could have done a lot more study. Like, a lot more. I really do not want my grades, and subsequently my future, to suffer anymore because of you.

I am going to make a promise to myself to try my best to keep you out of my life since you are obviously not making the effort to… so then, why should I? I will be successful in the future, I will try my best to get there. Hopefully some time in the future successful me will look back on all this and think it’s is all very silly. Maybe we’ll talk again one day and possibly meet up some time? But that’ll be in the future, and I don’t have to worry about it now. However, if that is to happen, I really do hope I will be highly successful and you would wish that you did bother to keep our friendship. I am rising higher than you Rowan, watch me! You’ll regret not keeping contact with someone as awesome as me! I guess it’s not really a big loss to me really… we had fun times, but you were always teasing me in ways that were not always appreciated. and I didn’t really agree with your political view about the nazi leader. and the fact that you were the dominant one. I really did not like that.

Thank you so much for giving me the experience, I will no doubt try my best to not fall in a situation like that in my next relationship. But really, thank you for giving me experience and teaching me lessons of relationship. I’ll know not to expect too much of / spend too much time and effort into people like you in the future. (I wonder if you’re still using the $60 leather wallet I got you? I would have gladly spent it on something for myself, but I thought it would be a nice and durable present.. It really cut me deep when I saw you have gotten back to using your crappy old blue plastic wallet when I went over to your place while we were still dating.) Thank you for appreciating my genuine gifts. and thank you especially for putting in the same amount of effort (JOKES! surprise surprise…) Yeah, please pass my thanks on to your mum? Please thank your mum for getting me those lovely presents.. very thoughtful of her. Well, I’d better be off now, I think I have spent more than enough time on you. Enjoy your new life, and I think you probably have, but at least try not to forget me? That’s the least I could ask of you. Good luck with everything. (joking! Why would I wish you good luck… it’s not like we talk anymore.)


your ex-girlfriend, Nicole.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo <3 <3 <3

(You wish.)

Ps. You are not a musician and therefore will never be as cool as one. I will find someone a billion times better than you, who will treat me better and actually put effort into our relationship. I hope you find someone nearly as awesome as me, it’ll be hard I trust, especially if the girl has high standards, it could get tricky 😉 Oooooft! Well, toodles!


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