Any chance you’re reading this?

Any chance you’re reading this?

Any chance you’re reading this?


I went through every letter on this site hoping that you wrote me something. I knew you didn’t, but as always, I wanted to believe that you had feelings for me. I guess I just wanted to know that the father of my baby did at one point feel something for me, that for almost a year together, you weren’t just faking it.

I still dream about you. I think of you every day, and our baby kicking me only makes me miss you even more. Oh, how I wish you were here to feel him, tell him you love him and hold my hands when I get nervous about giving birth to our child.

Kenny, I feel like such a failure as a mother. I lost one of the twins, and I couldn’t save his life. Now you don’t even accept the existence of the one that is surviving. I hate you so much for saying that my baby doesn’t exist. I want to teach him to hate you, but for the sake of his happiness, I will lie to him that you were a good father and parted from us by death.

I wish one day you’d live in as much as I do now.

Hate you,

The girl you used and abandoned


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