I hate you but I can’t get over you

I hate you but I can’t get over you

I hate you but I can’t get over you

Dear Ex, I miss you. It’ll be 4 years in May since our breakup, but only a year since we last spoke. The last time we spoke you wanted to get back together, and while my heart was screaming “YES, YES!”, my head knows better.

You see, we were together a total of 2 years. In that 2 years I went through hell, and it’s all thanks to you. You lied everyday, you cheated countless times, you beat me severely, got me pregnant at 15 then force me to give them up, and mentally abused me 24/7. To this day I hate myself. I can’t trust anyone. I’m in a loving relationship but I still think of you daily. Why? I wish I knew once and for all if you loved me or not. All those times you came back, begging for another chance, wearing the jewellery I have you, trying to show me you’ve changed. I was too hurt to give you another chance. Now I see you happy with someone else and it kills me. I have always loved you, but I don’t want to anymore!


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