I wasn’t even worth a proper goodbye

I wasn’t even worth a proper goodbye

I wasn’t even worth a proper goodbye

Dear Adam,

I know we’re over and there’s never going to be anything between us again, and I know you were stressed about revision and exams for uni.

But what I didn’t know is that after being together for so long you could end it in such a cruel way, with just one patronising line.

I’d always put you before me, never questioning when you didn’t reply for a day because you were busy or with friends. But secretly you were making me more and more insecure everyday. But I loved you and thought love meant being understanding, being someone’s rock when they were scared, putting your emotions before mine.

Now I see that you fell out of love with me a long time ago but kept stringing me along. You dumped me with so little care it was almost unhuman in the middle of the worst week of my life. I wish I’d told you how I’d changed for you, how I gave you everything and let you in like no other, especially about my self harm. I gave you my virginity as well as my heart and soul. But now I see I wasn’t even worth a proper goodbye.


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